What we offer

  • Air Distribution Sales

    We have five experienced outside salesmen along with three administrative assistants to adequately cover this territory. Our Air Distribution sales include; grd's , fans, spiral duct, filter housings and media, dampers, louvers, vehicle exhaust systems, kitchen exhaust and mua, terminal units and a variety of ancillary items related to an HVAC Air Distribution system. Learn More

  • Equipment Sales

    We have two engineers on staff that specialize in equipment. The equipment line includes everything from light commercial split systems through custom air handlers as well as specialty equipment like pool dehumidification, computer room air conditioning and 100% outside air units. Learn More

  • Kitchen Equipment

    We have an experienced KVS specialist on staff who works with food service dealers and Division 11 specifiers to design and sell a complete kitchen ventilation system. Learn More



  • Bi-Polar Ionization Unit

  • Heat Pumps & Fancoils

  • Fan Coil Units, Vertical Units, Cooling Heat Pump, Chilled Water Cassets

  • Underfloor Air Distribution, Trench Heaters, Air Purification Units

  • Horizaontal/Vertical Fan Coil Units

  • Computer Room AC Units - Precision Cooling

  • Computer Room A/C, DOAS Split Systems

  • Condensors and Condensing Units, Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Compressors, Air Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Rooftop Units, Gas Reheat Coil, Heat Pumps

  • Horizontal/Vertical Fan Coil, Blower Coil Units, Air Handling Units, VAV Terminal Units

  • Packaged Terminal A/C, Room A/C &Ductless Split Systems

  • Fans, ERV's, MUA, Underfloor Terminals, Indoor Air Handlers, Fan Powered Terminals, Lab Exhaust, Replacement Coils (including Tallahassee)

  • Custom Air Handling Units

  • Unitary DX up to 50 tons
    (including Tallahassee)

  • VRV, Mini-Splits, DOAS Units, and Modular Chillers

  • Energy Recovery, Enthalpy Core

  • Horizaontal/Vertical Fan Coil Units, DX and Chilled Water

  • Air Handling Units, Custom Packaged Units, Replacement Rooftop and Multi-zone Units

  • Pool dehumidification, 100% O.A. Unit

  • HVAC Coil & Airstream Solutions, In-Room & Hand-held, UVC Replacement Emitters & Parts, UVC Accessories

  • MUA, Gas Fired, Hydronic and Electric Heating Products

  • Air Handling Units, Heating Units, and Air Curtains

  • Condensing Unit, Make-up Air Package Unit

Air Distribution